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1883 Maison Routin France

1883For use in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mochas, sodas, cocktails (fantastic with Vodka), flavoured beers, granitas, cooking, smoothies, milk shakes and frappes (see Kool Kup for thickening powder). Or just with water!

1883 is artificial preservative free, GMO free and contains a blend of natural flavours, fruit sugars and sugar cane. All of which add a delicate balance of both flavour and aroma, so enhancing any chosen drink be it Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Frappes, Shakes or even Cocktails!

1883 BottlesGourmet SaucesThey are highly concentrated and as such don’t drown the drink unnecessarily (important where high quality coffee is being used). Because the gourmet syrups are not pumped full of preservative and use nat-ural ingredients they can develop a light sediment (which can be removed by a gentle shake) they also should not be left in a warm environment or in direct sunlight or left open to the environment for extended periods.

They are similar to high quality preserves and require the same respectful handling. In return they 1883will provide you with the most delicious natural and versatile gourmet syrups on the market.

Up to 125 servings per bottle (based on 8oz hot drinks) Now over 70 flavours available!

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